How to write follow-up email subject lines that actually work?


Writing an email opening subject line is not as easy as it seems, It really needs lots of patience and creativity. One subject line that worked really well with your friend is not necessary will fit for you as well. So what’s the magical potion behind this art of writing email subject line that force your recipient’s want to open your emails. Look at these general suggestions that you will find useful to write an effective email subject line for your next follow up  campaign:


Provide a bit of crucial information in your follow up email subject line!

When writing an email subject line, make sure that you are providing the key information straight away. Until and unless your user don’t have a reason to open your email, he will not open it. So keep this thing in mind and write a pretty straight forward subject line with the exact reason you are contacting with that person.


When necessary, make use of recipient’s first name!

It is always good to spice up your subject line with a pinch of personalization and adding your reader’s name in subject lines is a part of that. Most of the successful business owners accept this as their mantra of success- the more you personalize your subject line, the more benefits you can reap.


When it makes sense, ask a question (and hide the answer in your email) !

This is another great tip that can encourage your reader to open your email and bias him to read your mail. Asking a question relevant to their business niche can provoke them to open your email to know the solution. With this kind of subject line it is always necessary to provide a detailed answer of your subject line question.


Make sure there is always a connection between your subject line and email !

A subject line totally bizarre to your email is never acceptable. It might get your recipient’s open your email first but if they find your message completely irrelevant, they won’t take a second minute to block you.And obviously this is no good for a long run in the business niche.


So keep these short points in your mind and craft a super-catchy email subject line that get you clicks and loyal audience. Drop your suggestions in the comments below.


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