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Security is everyone’s concern, especially a website’s. A website can be small website as a static website and huge as an e-commerce  website, but lack of security can make it vulnerable to hackers and data thieves.

The most important thing which gets compromised after hack is the reputation and trust. After losing trust and reputation, getting it back becomes very hard.

There are many good WordPress security tips on internet, and from these good tips we will share some of the tips which can be fruitful for you.
Good Web Host: A good web host is the priority. It is the base of the security. If the web host is not secure and reliable, it will definitely affect all the websites hosted, including a WordPress installation.

There are many good web hosts, ready to host your WordPress, but before choosing them, go through reviews on internet and then buy.

There are certain hosting groups on social media which can help you decide a good, secure and in budget host for you.


Pirated Themes: Most of the people get lured by free premium themes available on internet. Those themes are available for free but in reality they have to be bought, What hackers do is they embed malicious code in the theme and distribute it on internet.  After installing theme or plugin they wait for the right time to start illegal activities using that site such as DDOs.


Use WordPress security keys: Security keys are secrets keys which is a set of random variables that improve encryption of information stored in the user’s cookies while they are on a WordPress website.


These keys are random for different WordPress installations and the probability of getting a random mix match is almost impossible.

To use these keys, visit here and generate random keys by refreshing website.
Then goto wp-config.php file and search for AUTH_KEY.
Replace the values and you are good to go.

NOTE: this tips is for websites which were hacked and recovered soon after.


These are some of the security tips which can help you secure your WordPress website. If you have any suggestions, you can comment below.

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