Why do we celebrate Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti?

In India, there are a great number of celebrations tend to be celebrated with the persons Individuals This particular festival is celebrated from the Punjabi lenders in India

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is actually rejoiced on the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj  The Sikh community celebrates this festival to commemorate the birth anniversary of their Guru


The 10th Guru

He was the 10th Guru of the Sikh Community who encouraged people with his beliefs, courage as well as key points. Additionally, he was reputed for his valiance as well as for their religious teachings Guru Gobind Singh stood with grit as well as courage against social disparity, unfair and tyrannical achievements


When it is celebrated?

This particular Jayanti is normally famous in the month of December or January every year Sometimes this Jayanti is celebrated on both months based on the Gregorian calendar

On this day, the supporters of Guru Gobind Singh commemorate the whole day through festivities, prayers and gifts They offer prayers to the Guru regarding success as well as blessings and coordinate big processions


Jayanti celebration

Throughout the retraite, people distribute desserts along with cold drinks to both children and adults along with singing spiritual bhajans. Unique prayers are offered by the actual Sikh men and women within their place of worship, the Gurudwaras

This specific Jayanti is actually incomplete without an elaborate delicious spread of food On this day, the spiritual teachers as well as elders reveal the poems as well as life teachings of Guru Gobind Singh. You can also read here some beautiful Guru Gobind Singh Quotes and Wishes that can leave you inspired.

They recognize the bravery and braveness of the Guru within the warfield, specifically against the Muslims  Guru Gobind Singh is the Tenth Sikh Guru in the Punjabi people He was only nine years when he succeeded his dad as the 10th Master

Many people are influenced by their teachings along with thoughts This year the Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti was celebrated on January 5 This year is the 350th birthday anniversary of the Guru


Celebration is at gurudwaras

The special event will be at the birth place of the Guru probably in Bihar and Patna On the special, folks share joys and greetings with their loved ones as well as buddies


Religious festival of Sikhs

This is among the religious festival of India in which praying are available. People carry out historic lecturers of their Guru’s braveness and courage on their praise gurudwaras


Elaborate food

Special foods that are unique to this event are prepared in this occasion as well as served Apart from being a spiritual and also brave leader, Guru Gobind Singh Ji was talented with writings and poetry

As it is a religious festivity, there won’t be any holiday for this festivity However, individuals permitted to take time off to signify this particular religious event

The annual celebration of the Guru is based on the Nanakshahi calendar. Being a spiritual festival, this specific Jayanti is applauded in a great manner each year

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