3 Ways To Protect WordPress Website


The fear of getting hacked is the one every site owner is facing these days. No matter, how secure your website is, the fear of malicious attack is always on top of your mind. Although WordPress is very safe in itself but going an extra mile to make sure your WordPress site is bulletproof will save your money, effort, money, and headache.

I have compiled a list of some ways that help you to keep unauthorized people out of your site and improves security by keep information safe.

Strengthen your password

This is one of the most common ways of improving security. The purpose of passwords is to prevent force attacks and guessing. Users already know about the importance of strong password but still, they are using easy to remember passwords. Easy to remember passwords are an easy target for hackers. So, don’t give any chance to hackers to attack your online resource by keeping passwords complex that is not guessable.

Introduce Two-Factor Web Authentication

Two-factor web authentication is a great way of keeping WP website safe. In this form of authentication, users require two different factor to complete the authentication process. Thus, attackers have to cross two stages to get the resource information.

There are many plugins available that will add an extra page of web authentication and deter cyber attackers.

Secure wp-config.php file

WP-config.php file is the heart of your WP site. Protecting the whole site is important but always pay special attention to the wp-config.php file. There are lots of other options of storing this file than in the typical core folder.
These are some ways to protect WP website. Try out the methods and stay safe. If you want to add some more ways, mention them in the comment box.

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