Two Factor Authentication For Secure Login

Do you know how secure your cyber resources and web applications are? You are very wrong if you are considering your accounts are safe just because you protected them with passwords.

The news regarding cyber attacks is very common.  Nothing is hundred percent safe, there is always a risk associated with every account. Hackers are capable enough in compromising businesses and users accounts.  One of the most famous incidents of the data breach has once occurred in Yahoo in 2016.

These incidents adversely affect the methods of IT security and make us think on how can we improve our existing security means? No one can give you a perfect answer for the same but such incidents confirm one thing, security passwords are not enough in securing our private online accounts. The problem with the password is, they can be hacked or guessed.

As the technology is grooming itself, hackers are also learning and also acquiring new approaches and skills that help them in cracking systems. They never miss a chance to attack online systems. They may get into users info and credentials and may utilize them for unethical functions. After they acquire easy access attestations, useful to them users data for illegal reasons.

Each and everything is connected with the Internet these days. This raises limitless opportunities for hackers.

The conclusion is, the user must need to protect his accounts from these cyber criminals.  As I already made a note that passwords alone are at high risk in terms of security and a technology is must in order to improve their security.

The all the factors mentioned above gives rise to a solution named “two-factor authentication” commonly known as 2FA.

What is it?

As the name suggests, in this solution users have to verify their identity twice.  If they fail in proving their own identity at any of the stage, they will not be allowed to access services.  2FA restricts unapproved entrance by adding an additional security layer.

Commonly, there are about three varieties of reasons that are utilized as the following component. The three factors utilized as second variables are:

Something you know is the most common factor used as the second factor.  This particular aspect includes an answer, password or any top secret token number.  Although it is secure usually means, however, the major problem with it is it can be guessed. The other risk is actually, it is very complex for consumers to remember passwords and generally they forget them.

The second component is something you have like an email id or mobile.  A secret code will be sent to the users’ listed mobile number or email id.  To get the final authentication, users have to enter the code sent to them.  Again in this method too, there is a risk associated, if the user lost his phone he is not able to enter the secret code.

Something you are is the third authentication element. Something you are is considered as the one if the best 2nd factor because you need to prove your identity biologically.  In order to gain access, end users have to provide their thumb impression, match their own voice and so on. There isn’t any possibility of losing the password or cellular phones.End users would not need to be concerned about passwords or cellular phone lose.  But nothing is perfect, the biometric system are generally costly and it is not possible to carry them everywhere with us.

I hope you understood the basics of two-factor authentication. If you have any doubt, please mention in the comment box.

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