Top project management software- A new path to success!

In the recent digital age, project management is a beautiful thing. Businesses no matter how small and big they always juggle with number of tasks and for them a project management solution is always required to stay organized and focused while working. But the decision is quite hard to make when it comes to which software to choose. When you turn your mind towards internet for help, it might confuse you more as there are bewildered number of options for free project management software each boasting their own set of specific features some better and some worse.

Finally after a long research and experiments, I gathered 5 of the top most project planning software. Here are they, please have a look!


FreedCamp !

Freedcamp has all that features that one can possibly think of. It has a beautiful design, a wide category of tasks, optimized communication, a number of functions, unlimited storage with unlimited projects and users. ! is your all time favorite app when it comes to agile project development.Its free version offers unlimited public projects and one private project. This project management app is sleek, flexible and comes with backlogs. It also has an internet wiki and a video conferencing tool. !

Trello is one of the most popular project management software favored by all the businesses. It is very easy and fast to get started upon this awesome tool. Although the interface is not that good and it also lacks some of the functionalities that other systems are having. On the contrary, it allows you to integrate with several other services which is limited to only 1 in the free plan. !

This is the coolest new kid in the market. Being the new and young many thought that it is unfinished and has not polished for the tasks that are done greatly by other softwares. It is much like Trello with a more beautiful and flexible interface.


All I can say in the end is, every project management tool is good and it basically depends upon your requirements. Give them a try and decide on your own. Leave your opinions in the comments below.







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