The importance of a professional bio!

professional biography

Professional Bio is a simple and straight forward way to showcase who you are to the world. It can be the very first experience that a potential client, an employer or any networking prospect has with you. That’s why everyone must have one full formatted bio but it is often seen that most of the people don’t bother to write one and if they write it once, they never consider to update this.

professional biography

But today’s digital world demands a professional bio that makes a reader feel like they know a great deal about you and can see working with you is a beneficial deal for them. So you can see a good bio can go beyond a resume and it fulfills the purpose of a resume at some extent but in a more user-friendly manner. A professional bio can even go to the places where a resume simply can’t go. As you can see resume can only be handed out when applying to jobs but your bio can go anywhere on any promotional materials and more.

So what are the hallmarks of a good professional bio?

A solid professional bio should cover following:

  • It should be written in third person and must describe who you are.
  • A professional bio should also include a professional image.
  • It must have your basic information like your name and profession.
  • It should detail your career accomplishments.
  • A short description of what makes you unique.
  • Your relevant hobbies and interests.

Now here comes the things that you should avoid in a bio.

  • As mentioned earlier, a bio is more valuable than a resume because it is concise and to-the point. So while crafting a bio for yourself, do not stretch it more than a single page.
  • You should highlight only the best in your career and in your education. The more matter you’ll put in, the more you’ll lessen the impact of what is there.
  • Don’t include any obvious jokes, hobbies and interest which might be considered controversial.


Hence writing a professional bio is important for everyone especially for them who has a career that involves networking, either in their relevant industry or in places where their potential clients hang around.


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