Slack- The Best Team Communication App

The Slack Guide

The Slack Guide

Slack has already made its place in the elite league of apps for team communication in business. With the help of its awesome features, Slack has changed the way how people do businesses nowadays. Though it takes some time to get adjusted with Slack but once you do that, you and your team will thank Stewart Butterfield for his efforts to create the best team communication tool in the world. So, here are some awesome Slack tips for you and your team to improve the Slack skills.


Install the App in your mobile

It is the best way to get familiar with Slack. More you interact with Slack, more it is going to be comfortable for you. Moreover, getting handy control over your Slack account will help you to respond quickly to your business communications. No doubt, it is a convenient way to get in touch with teammates and is certainly faster than emails.


Integrate your Slack account with your business apps

Slack has a large directory of app integrations which can turn your Slack interface into a notification hub. You can pull out notifications from different useful apps like Zapier, MailChimp, Salesforce and Github on your Slack channel. Isn’t that amazing! You can find out more apps in Slack’s directory.

Arrange a Tutorial for your Team

It is hard to leave your old companions. So, if your team is leaving their old messaging platform for Slack, a tutorial on Slack can be a real help to your team members. Show them how convenient it is and how they can easily communicate with each other.  


Embrace Keyboard Shortcuts

Use ‘Ctrl + /’ and learn these shortcuts by heart. There are plenty of shortcuts in Slack which can make it easier for you to use Slack.


Use ‘/collapse’ to prevent GIFs

If your team uses GIFs too much, then you can use ‘/collapse’ to prevent GIFs to screw your work. Now, you don’t lose your productivity due to GIFs.


Do not Have Too many Channels

My advice to you is to limit the number of channels your team uses for different projects. Though it helps projectwise communication but too many channels may be a burden afterwards. Instead, use @ tags to mention action items.


Other than trying out these tips, also read the official blog of Slack to stay updated about the best team communication app. Happy Slack time to you and your team.

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