Role of different elements in a website



While designing a website, lots of care and precision while placing the elements and configuring them.

Web designing can be considered as an art to entice visitor to make make goals convert. For a website to convert their visitors, the elements should be placed correctly and configured according to the visitors.

For example if you have menu in sidebar then there should be a visible hamburger menu so that visitor can get a hint about the menu, rather than confusing visitors about menu placement.

Everytime we open a website we see different elements, some similar to other websites and some unique or twisted form on an element.

Sometimes the purpose is known but we get confused ,whether to have it or not in our website.

Let’s discuss some of such elements on a website.


Slider with click buttons: We often have witnessed this type of slider at homepage or offer page or on a single page of a website.  Slider bars are common in most of the websites today. They are helpful in displaying images related to website or discounts.

Sometimes the layout of the slider is different. There is a plain image for slider, upon that there is text and then a button neat to it.

Such type of sliders help in generating leads or directing traffic to specific funnel. The purpose of text is to provoke users by providing them information which makes then hit the CTA button.

It is recommended for a service provider website.


Share Buttons: We have mostly used them while on a blog or a photo sharing website like imgur. Share buttons help in sharing a content on social media without any limit on pages, posts and shares. Sharing a content on social media helps in gaining social trust as well as increase website traffic.

This is how it works. If someone shares a content on social media, it gains visibility. Content is not visible followers of a person sharing it.

They can be added as widgets in CMS, onto mobile app, newsletters and forums to provide ease of sharing.

It is recommended for image sharing websites, blogs and forums.


Live Chat: Websites like godaddy, hostgator etc are enabled with live chat. As soon as we are on their website, a small chat box opens up, or is seen collapsed on either side of the website. Such type of elements are used on websites where quick interaction is required.

Quick human interaction helps in increasing conversion rates in a website.

Visitors can have a quick chat before making any purchase or contact support without waiting for mail to be answered.

It is recommended for a shopping website or service provider website where quick answers can lead to conversions.

These were some of the elements with specific roles. For any queries or suggestions comment below.

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