Rebuilding website: what you need to include



Rebuilding a website is a tough job. Marketers believe that rebuilding a website can do wonders in terms of marketing. Traffic, lead and conversions may increase after redesign, that’s the reason many consider redesigning a website.

Sometimes the requirement of new features rises and changes in existing sites are not possible, redesigning is the last resort for including those functionalities.

Irrespective of reason, website redesign is a process which needs to be concentrated a lot. Even small mistakes can jeopardize the plans/intentions behind redesigning.

Let’s look at some of the website elements you should consider including while redesigning.


Subscription tab: Subscription column or tab is very crucial for getting leads in form of emails. Subscription is a convenient way of informing subscribers about new features, blog posts, product updates etc.

Even though you do not have a blog, you can include subscription option so that interested visitors can stay informed about what’s new.


Social media share buttons: These buttons are very much helpful in sharing a content on social media. For bloggers and portfolio websites, it is must to include. They can be one of the reason your website can be driving traffic from social media.

Content which is shared on social media brings back authority and traffic. More the content is shared, more the authority and traffic will return back.


Blog: This happens in case of business websites which do not consider blog as an essential part of traffic and conversion strategy. Today a blog is a crucial part of content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to bring quality traffic and increases conversions on a website.

So do include a blog section in your website and start posting some posts related to your industry, tips, technical information.


Social Icons: Social icons helps in gaining social trust of your visitors. Visitors look for social proof while navigating through the website. Social icons helps visitors to directly visit your social page, it save their time as well as efforts while searching for your website/business on social media profiles.


Old URL’s: Generally it happens while redesigning website, the website structure is changed, links are changed. This can cause huge impact on your website rankings. For example you have an old url like and now your new url is, doing this will make old url in-accessible and leading to loss in link juice created from backlinking.   

To avoid this, you can either maintain same url structure or use 301 redirects.


These were some of the things which have to be included while redesigning a website.


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