Quick steps to get your marketing started on Instagram!

It’s no surprise that Instagram today has become the core part of any business’s social media strategy which is very obvious because Instagram now own more than 700 million instagrammers. So you can see Instagram can bring a massive engagement, in fact it is more than what leading social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can bring. So if you are completely baffled about what you should do to win this social media platform, take a look at this post which accentuate the basic need of how to strategically use Instagram for business.

Let’s get started!

Create an IG account and don’t forget to add an email address!

After downloading the app, it will ask you to login via Facebook.. Well don’t make this mistake. For the purpose of business, always remember to give some time to create a fresh account with your business email address. Attaching email address to a business account is necessary since when one of your contacts uses Instagram’s “Find Friends” feature, your account is likely to show up that will get you immediate hits.


Picking up the right profile picture!

For the thumbnail icon of your brand, choose a bigger version of your logo which is easily recognizable and clearly connected to your brand. When you are up to set a profile pic for your business account, it will give you an option to import photos from your Facebook page.. DON’t since It might be your personal page. You can import pictures from your Twitter account as it is your Business page.


Fill all the Profile Basics!

After all this, you will be asked to fill some basic information like full name and phone number. So if your business has a real name use it here and if you are the real face behind your business, you can use your name also. And put a phone number in the field that is always active and you think your clients might be having in their address books. Always keep in mind that Instagram gives you options to maximize the exposure of your account and this name and phone number is one of them.


Set up your social sharing!

Instagram is the most efficient social media platform that can easily get your photos to multiple places without much efforts. To enable this, go to your profile and click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and then click on Linked accounts. Once you go there, you  will have options to connect your Instagram account with Facebook, Twitter and others.


So Instagram can give you maximum visibility is you use it carefully. It is a colorful, visual and expressive network so once the basics are tackled well, you are all set to go to increase your follower count and engagement.

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