Marketer’s technique for powerful email signatures!


Email is undoubtedly undisputed king of the B2B marketing strategy. To prove this statement purposeful have a look at following stats from different B2B email marketing campaigns:

  • 87% of the B2B marketers, use email marketing for generating new leads.
  • 31% of the B2B marketers agree on the fact that email marketing makes the biggest impact on business revenue.
  • From the reports of DMA (direct marketing association), it has been found that email marketing delivers $40 on every $1 spent.


So with these stats one thing is very clear that every business in this B2B niche needs a successful email marketing campaign more than anything. And when I say a successful email marketing I hope You know what it meant- an email marketing campaign is successful only when it has a high email open rate. And this open rate depends upon various things. Among them, email subject lines are one of the factors. If your subject line is engaging enough, the last option you have is to open it.


Here are some techniques to make your email subject lines more effective. Let’s have a look!


Simplicity always rules!

Simple is direct, concise and straight-forward always. People appreciate simplicity in their Inbox.Especially Retail marketers masters this art of simplicity and now it’s time for our B2B marketers. Here are some examples from my Gmail that I personally found effective.

  • An exclusive awaiting for you.
  • Your order is delivered by today.
  • Private sale ends today.


Use Humor!

Everyone loves humor and they are more likely to respond on a funny thing rather than a boring one. So why not take advantage of this mindset of people. While humor is certainly a way to grab attention but you also have to pay attention that your use of humor must be subjective.


Be creative!

Creative and catchy email subject lines stand out immediately. This technique can be incredibly effective that can improve your open rates but before jumping on to this, make your who your target audience is as B2B market scenarios don’t easily adapt a new thing.

Some examples of catchy subject lines!

  • We’ve got a station for every heart!
  • Get lost in the wild!


Invoke the power of FOMO!

This fear of missing out trick can be proved really productive if applied correctly. Making a sense of urgency doesn’t require an exclamation mark (!) at the last of every generic statement.  Although, time-sensitive offers, releases, launches can be very effective that can get you your most loyal reader who read your mails and take action in response. It should not be used every time but it is really useful when really makes sense.

Some examples:

  • Hey John, we are starting soon, can you join us?
  • Last minute mother’s day deal!
  • 5 slots left!


Hence these are some of my self implemented subject lines that gave me a successful open rate.

You don’t believe me, Try on you own and let me know in the comments below.


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