Lead Generation Techniques For B2B in 2017


lead-generationTo meet or stay one step ahead of the ever growing competition, adopting new tactics and techniques is must for businesses. It is a like a litmus paper test for marketers in deciding the appropriate tools and technologies that help them in generating B2B leads.

Generating leads is the lifeline for any business. To succeed, it is very important to adopt the right strategies. Let’s have a look at the following techniques to generate leads.

Invest more on digital marketing
From last few years, companies have been spending lots of dollars on digital marketing and the trend is continued even in 2017.  The trend is not only limited to large B2B but small and medium B2B organizations are also spending lots of money on digital marketing.

Developing good marketing content
Content marketing is one of the leading trends among businesses in generating leads. Businesses that succeed in providing or delivering high-quality and valuable content to their audience are more likely to stand out from the crowd.

Utilize the power of social media
Even search engines are considering social signals as a ranking factor. Social media has a great power and it is not a hidden fact that these days almost every business is using it to create brand awareness among customers.

Marketers should use social media as a tool for building and nurturing a relationship with their customers. Social sharing also help businesses to reach out more users and generating leads.


Outreach is one of the most effective strategy which b2b businesses use today. Outreach helps a business reach new audience, work with new collaborations and build new connections.

Outreach can be done for different purposes like increasing awareness, distributing content, Lead generation etc.

One of the major benefit of outreach is it helps build reputation in a niche, which directly affects the lead generation process. In B2B, reputation means also because of risk associated is big in terms of money.


Converting traffic to leads
With the help of different social media platforms and paid advertisements on search engines, companies are able to drive lots of traffic to their business website. But only a few of them get success in converting traffic into potential leads. By doing analytics of social data, you need to convince your users to buy your services and convert the driven traffic into leads.

These are the four techniques that I am using to generate leads. What are yours? Let me know in the comment section below.


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