A Guide to Personalized Customer Experience

What do your customers want? Have you ever given this easy-to-look question a serious thought? Quality products, yes! Reasonable pricing, definitely yes! But above all, customers want an experience. Quality product with reasonable pricings is the basics today, what businesses can give beyond these is what defines its success. Customer experience has become a paradigm of getting ahead of customers. All that customers want today is to be able to buy what they want in the simplest possible without needing to put much effort.

Contrary to what people believe, simplicity here is not about implementation, but it is about sophistication. Businesses need to put special efforts here to let customers go through the least hassles to make the purchase and do that from across the device and channels. On the other hand, smooth customer experience also requires them to recognize these customers like blood brothers. Customer identity management solution is a boon here. A cIAM solution is like the piston of the engine that keeps the machine running. Now what the solution does is another story for another day, but right now, let’s deal with how to achieve personalized experience with sophistication.


Personalization is one of the secret weapon every business should possess. Customers love being recognized as long as they don’t have feeling that they are spied upon. There is a very light line between personalization and privacy infringement and businesses must not cross that. Let’s see how:

  1. Don’t ask too many questions:

Asking too many questions at once is like proposing your partner on the first date. Of course, you can’t always meet a guy who is going to make the purchase, but you have to recognize the one. The process definitely requires time and patience but it is worth it. You have to build relationship with your customer. When the customers has signed up, ask the questions like friends, not like some interview. Asking all the questions at once will freak out your customers and they will leave immediately. So make sure to ask only limited questions first and as you earn their trust, you can gain more information about them.

  1. Ask right questions at the right time:

Now that you know that you have to ask few questions at first, the next step is to choose the right question. You need to ask questions that can help you understand your customers, questions that can help you develop long term relationship with them. For eg, if you are an ecom site, asking for address at first will not be a wise choice, since you can always know the address at the time of checkout. But asking it first will make your customer bounce back, because, hey, who likes asking unnecessary questions. You can also go with progressive profiling. Progressive profiling allows you to understand your customers while you earn their trust. Instead of asking all the questions at once, the process splits it into multiple steps making it more convenient and user friendly.

  1. Create unified customer view:

Now you might have multiple properties and your customers might be interacting with you across multiple channels via multiple devices, you need to recognize them as one. Single sign-on solution here can help you out by letting users use single identity across all your web properties. This way you will have a centralized profile data and you can serve your customers in a better way.

This is all for now, folks! There is no surefire way to win your customers’ hearts but you have to keep trying. The best way is to keep them heavy and give them what they want without needing to provide much efforts.


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