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Social media is very effective platform to increase reach, bring traffic and brand building. There are several benefits of having social presence and social integration on website.  Today web developers are embracing social media and including it in websites.

For a WordPress website, making it social media active is quite easy. Let’s see how we can do it.

To make a WordPress website socially active, we use different social media plugins.

Below are some plugins which will help us.


Social sharing plugin for wordpress:  Social sharing plugin displays social sharing buttons on website elements. After enabling share plugin you can choose on which elements sharing buttons should show and in what format.

Currently there are 2 ways sharing buttons can appear i.e. vertical and horizontal, which further have other tweaking options.

With the help of sharing buttons, visitors can share content from website to their social media profiles with just one click on a share button.

This helps increase user experience on website as well as traffic on website.


Social Login for wordpress:  Social login uses social media profile’s credentials to sign-in and sign-up on a third party website. Visitor has to choose preferred social media platform, authenticate and allow permissions for using it.

From next time, user has to click on selected share platform and will automatically get authenticated provided that the user is already logged in on selected social network.


OG Tags for wordpress: OG tags are meta tags but for social media platforms. They are similar to website tags but they are only valid for social media platforms. It was first introduced by Facebook in 2010 to promotes integration between Facebook and other websites by allowing them to become rich “graph” objects with the same functionality as other Facebook objects.

Today almost every social media platform has adopted it, like twitter has twitter cards instead of OG tags but has functionality of OG tags.

They can also be called social media meta tags.


Social Commenting for wordpress: Almost every blog or website with a blog has commenting enabled. Commenting helps in increasing user activity on website and promote engagement. Commenting is beneficial for website as well as person commenting.

Social commenting make use of social profiles. Just like social login, you have to allow it first to enable commenting from your social profile. The benefit of social commenting is that it increases user experience on website.


These are some tips to craft a social media active website using plugins.  

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