Be seamless using single sign on solutions



UI and UX are most common elements that decides various success factors for an online business.

These businesses solely rely on online medium for their sales and services.

For an online business their website is the first touch point between their visitors/customers and  business. So it becomes mandatory for an online business to implement changes and adopt new  things which benefit them and improve their UI/UX  score.
For visitors, UI is the first element that they see and interact. UI should be according to audience flavor and type.

It basically will depend upon  type of niche and colors associated with it. Site content will also vary accordingly.

After getting attracted by UI, their experience on site will determine occurrence of various events like buying, subscribing, using of service etc.

 Second element  is the “experience” they have while navigating through website and using their service.

Seamless and uninterrupted flow is always appreciated by visitors and increases the probability of conversion.


Single sign on solution is one of many such platforms and solutions which businesses are using to improve their user experience as well as usability on their website(s).


Single sign on solution serves as a channel between multiple websites to provide seamless authentication experience across multiple domains.

It also solves a seldom  problem  of visitors while transiting from one website to another which is owned by a single entity.


In past, visitors had to separately log into multiple websites individually and use their service.

It was quite a pain on user end because even though the websites have share a same identity of administered under a same entity, they have to individually create and use multiple identities, which practically is hard to maintain in this world where there are so many other websites with different credentials.

After implementing single sign on solution, all these entities can be accessed using a single credential while switching from one property to other.

The process becomes more seamless when visitors can switch and use multiple properties by just logging in once on any of the connected property.


This seamless experience by visitors also helps in decreasing bounce rates for a business as well as leaves a positive impact on visitors.


Hence we can conclude that single sign on solution is one of such solutions which can help heal one of many pain points of  visitors for a business as well as provide them a seamless user experience on websites.


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