Be a Pro at Excel With These Tips


Excel is a powerful program but very less people know about tips and tricks which can help you to work more efficiently on Excel. So, here are some real hidden gems in Excel which can be useful for both beginners and experienced in Excel. I am sure you will love them after practicing them on your spreadsheets. Get ready to enrich your experience on Excel with these handpicked and quick tips.


Select Entire Sheet With a Click

Click on the tilted inverted triangle at the top left corner of your spreadsheet (just below paste option) to select the entire sheet. Isn’t that a cool Excel tip ? Now, no more dragging your mouse on the entire sheet.


Switch easily between workbooks with Ctrl + Tab

Need to switch instantly between various workbooks? Use Ctrl + Tab and you can easily move from one workbook to another in a snap. Again a useful shortcut to use in Excel.


Switch easily between worksheets with Ctrl + Pagedown and PageUp

As you can use Ctrl + tab to move from one workbook to another, similarly you can use Ctrl + Pagedown or Pageup to move between different sheets.

Rename Your Worksheets by Double Clicking on them

You can also rename your sheets you are working upon by just double clicking on the name of the sheet and giving it a name you desire. In this way, you will be able to quickly recognize your sheets when you want to open them.


Open Options by Right-Clicking on Worksheet Tab

You can explore many options on a single click by right-clicking on the worksheet name at the bottom side of your spreadsheet. You can find options like view code, select all sheets, protect sheet, move or copy and so on by right-clicking on the worksheet name.


Navigate quickly to Sheets with a Right Click

If your workbook consists of many spreadsheets, it will be really difficult to view the names and navigate to the spreadsheet you desire. Thus, there is a feature in Excel which can help you easily navigate to your desired sheet. All you need to do is right click on the arrow which is at the bottom left corner of your worksheet. This will give you a pop-up which enlists all the spreadsheets which are present in the workbook.


Hence, here are five tips that you can work out on Excel and start your journey to be a pro at Excel. Try them out and share your experience in the comments below.


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