5 selling points to include in your Instagram Bio!

In the sphere of social media networks where one has access to countless people, it becomes really essential to make a great first impression. And when we talk about Instagram then It is all about impressions, impression that it makes upon an audience via amazing images and videos. Within it’s big imagery, people often forget to focus upon its basic priorities to set up a profile like its username, profile picture or a bio.

Yeah, Instagram bio is probably the most overlooked aspect of your Instagram account. While the visual appeal is necessary for your account, it is also needed to create an eye catching bio for your account.  But what are those things that you need to include in your bio?


Here are a few ideas that you can include while writing an Instagram Bio!


Short and to the point Bio!

You don’t need to write a big paragraph to draw people’s attention, two or three lines with a clear objective can do the task for you. Briefly describe your brand, what you do and what is your goal. Craft your business goals that are attractive and capable of grabbing a visitor’s attention.


Be relatable!

Don’t be mushy in your bio, well it’s not the suitable place for it. What I am trying to say here is write your bio in a way that whoever read it feel something. Write in a way that whoever reads it, yell ”hell yes, that’s my kind of girl!”. And yes, Don’t forget to add a pinch of personalization into it.


Include Emojis!

Inclusion of emojis makes a big difference in writing a bio. They breaks a normally boring bio of text into small segments and draws a person’s eye in. We try so hard to be professional 100% all the time that we forget to be ourselves. Today the whatsapp generation has made emojis so popular that almost everyone uses emojis in their conversations to add a bit of fun.


Include your Email !

No matter what you trade on IG, it is always preferred to provide a simple call to action to contact you. If you are not strict on this, you are losing on a big opportunity. Okay, let’s imagine you got real good feeds on your Insta profile and an editor of a real big brand wants to feature something on your account, the first thing they will look for is an option to contact you. So don’t forget to include your email address in your bio.


So to help you get started on Instagram, I’ve put together some really important points here. I hope they helped you a bit, share your experience in the comments below.


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