4 Fabulous Tips To Master Reddit


Reddit has evolved into a great platform where you can share your information and news on relevant channels. It follows a process of adding down-votes and up-votes on the information which is shared by you and it will decide your post’s fate on Reddit. So simple and straightforward it is! Reddit follows and looks upon your karma points which is gained through the amount of up-votes which you acquire by the process of sharing relevant information. So, if you are not posting relevant information or you are posting on a irrelevant channel, soon you will be considered as a spammer and booed down by Reddit. Hence, Reddit is not a place for spammers. This makes Reddit a social platform with many rules and so, people get very cautious while using Reddit. But, don’t worry as I am presenting before you some really simple Reddit tips which can make your Reddit journey wonderful and hassle free.


Choose Subreddits Wisely

Subreddits are very essential part in Reddit. If you are not posting your content or sharing relevant posts on the right subreddit, your account is gone for a toss. So always remember to choose the right subreddit for your posts or shares. Some of the subreddits on Reddit are computers, education, health and windows. Whenever you are going to publish or share a content, you will have to choose the right subcategory or subreddit for your content. However, there are lots of subreddits available on Reddit, hence you will always have a subreddit for every content you are going to publish.

Create a slideshow to view images

If you wish to view your images on Reddit, you can just create a slideshow. All you need to do is modifying your URL by adding ‘p’ in your URL. Hence, you can view all your images in your content in the form of a slideshow.


Enable Reddit Mobile version

It is recommended to enable the mobile mode of Reddit so that your posts are compatible on mobile devices. You just need to tweak URL by adding ‘i’ in front of your Reddit URL.


Enhance Your Karma

It is the most important part on Reddit where you can increase your worth on the platform. Follow the above discussed points and you will see your karma points increasing gradually. Post relevantly and try to come up with as much up-votes as you can.


Other than these tricks, you can create multiple Reddit accounts so that you can improve your karma. Well, you can create only 3 accounts. Anyways, Reddit is a fast growing platform for professionals to advertise their brands and one should reap benefits from it.

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