3 Tools to pick the perfect Email subject line everytime!


I know writing email subject lines is stressful but they are the most powerful elements of your email marketing campaign. Botch them and you are lost.

You put hours of efforts in writing a master copy of your email and expect it to be read by everyone whom you send that copy. But what, only a few are actually reading that. The reason can be your “not so captivating subject line”.Subject lines can be considered even more important than the headlines in the magazine. When people scan headlines in a magazine they are looking for something that interest them. This is exactly what happens with our emails. When they scan their inboxes, they open an email whose subject line interests them. So it’s no surprise we get a little stressed about writing email subject lines. It can be said they are a matter of life or dead for emails.


So if you have only 10 minutes to craft an catchy email subject line, don’t panic here are some online tools that can test how well your email subject lines can perform. Let’s have a look!

Touchstone subject line tool !

This amazing tool gathers data from six different sectors in your mailbox: your database, B2B, Media and Entertainment, retailers, travel, financial and consumer services and price comparison. It makes a thorough research on the emails from these fields and presents expected metrics like their open rates, delivery rates and many more. It gives your subject lines a score as better or worse as compared to other subject lines in that industry.


Litmus’s subject line tester !

This subject line tester gives you a preview of your subject lines that how it would appear to your various email clients. Although it doesn’t give you any analytics but it is worth giving a try before your next email marketing campaign.


Subjectline.com !

It’s the number 1 subject line testing tool. As per quotes written on it’s website, the results they produce are based upon 1 billion+ email messages that have been tracked by this tool. There are over 400 unique rules that evaluate the filtering and deliverability issues as well as marketing and performance related concerns.


So these are the tools I randomly use to measure the performance of my email marketing campaign. Give them a try and let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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